Younghoon David Kim

Chair, World Energy Council 2016 - 2019

Deepened cooperation with China`s National Energy Administration

Posted on 28 01 2016


Younghoon David Kim, Co-Chair of the World Energy Council met with Nur Bekri, Administrator of the National Energy Administration (NEA) and Vice-Chair of the National Development and Reform Commission of China at the NEA headquarters in Beijing earlier this month. Both parties agreed to deepen cooperation between China and the World Energy Council and discussed China’s representation at the forthcoming World Energy Congress in Istanbul.


Co-Chair Kim noted the significance of China’s One Belt One Road project in building capacity for Asia’s infrastructure. Nur Berkri, who is the World Energy Council Vice Chair for the Asia region, noted that the energy sector is core to the project and highlighted that the World Energy Council’s contributions to its success would be highly appreciated.


The 2016 World Energy Issues Monitor report will be launched in Beijing in March. The annual World Energy Issues Monitor provides a graphical snapshot of issues keeping policymakers, CEOs and leading energy experts in over 90 countries awake at night. It seeks to promote an understanding of the world energy agenda and the evolution of priorities on a historical and geographical basis.


The 2016 report promises to make an interesting reading as it will be a key moment to assess the impact of the oil price shock, the adoption of energy as a Sustainable Development Goal and the culmination of a global climate agreement at COP21.





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