Younghoon David Kim

Chair, World Energy Council 2016 - 2019

Technology is the Future of Energy

Posted on 18 04 2016


The World Energy Council’s Co-chair Younghoon David Kim delivered a keynote speech at the 2016 DongA New Energy Innovation Conference in February in Seoul hosted by one of Korea’s most respected major dailies, The DongA Ilbo. 


The speech, entitled “Technology is the Future of Energy,” covered recent discussions Co-chair Kim that had in Davos where this year’s theme focused on the “4th Industrial Revolution.” Co-chair Kim also talked about the Trilemma and the Council’s ongoing food-energy-water nexus early findings in relation to this revolution.  


Other speakers at the event included the Korean Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, Joo Hyunghwan, and the Council’s Honorary Chair, Pierre Gadonneix, who gave a special lecture entitled “The Change of Future Energy Paradigm”.




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