Younghoon David Kim

Chair, World Energy Council 2016 - 2019

World Energy Council strengthens involvement with Water for Energy Framework

Posted on 12 06 2015


The World Energy Council is strengthening its involvement with the Water for Energy Framework (W4EF) which was established to develop a common framework for the evaluation and reporting of the energy impacts on water.


Speaking at the 7th World Water Forum in Korea, Younghoon David Kim, Co – Chair of the World Energy Council, said:  “I am delighted to say that for the second phase of the W4EF project, we will be taking a leading role alongside EDF who is also a key partner.


“As the supply of water becomes an increasing challenge for everyone in the 21st century, it is essential that there is a strong working relationship between the energy and water sectors, both in the public and private sectors and globally as well as regionally.”


Water for Energy Framework aims to develop a comprehensive approach to the water footprint of energy production. It will allow differentiating between water withdrawal, water consumption and net water consumption, and calculating different kinds of interactions between the activity and its water environment.  After agreement on the framework and its validation, a tool will be developed to help implement the methodology in a consistent way and ensure wide dissemination globally.


Younghoon David Kim went on to say: “The World Energy Council will be encouraging companies to implement and apply the best methodologies to meet the water challenges of the future.  We  look forward to sharing the results of Phase 2 at the 8th World Water Forum in Brazil in 2018.”


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